Thom Tillis

Charlie Sykes Shreds Cruz, Tillis, and Others in GOP For Siding With Trump on Emergency Vote: ‘Spinelessness’ on Display

Sen. Thom Tillis Flip Flops Hard on Pledge to Vote Against Trump’s National Emergency

Republican Lisa Murkowski Will Support Bill to Undo Trump Emergency Declaration

GOP Senator Slams Trump Emergency Declaration: Republicans Who Decried ‘King’ Obama Should Be Consistent

GOP Sen. Tillis on Republicans Upset With His Bill to Protect Mueller: ‘Spare Me Your Righteous Indignation’

Tucker Carlson Shames GOPers Who Back DACA: ‘Their Campaign Pledges Were Lies’

Ann Coulter Slams ‘Republican Obstructionism’: They ‘Hate Trump Every Bit as Much as MSNBC Does’

GOP Senator Has Seizure While Running Charity Race in D.C.

GOP Sen. Tillis: Restaurants Shouldn’t Force Employees to Wash Their Hands

Concha: Hillary’s Praise of Bigoted Dem Candidate Again Shows Lack of Common Sense

Dem Lawmaker Calls GOP Senate Candidate ‘Uncle Tom’ at Hillary-Led Rally

GOP Candidate Tillis: Raising Minimum Wage a ‘Defeatist Mentality’

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