The Five Explodes After Juan Williams Accuses Trump of Using Military ‘To Get Out’ of Charlottesville ‘Hole’

Fox News’ Ed Henry Praises Trump’s ‘Leadership’: ‘He Stepped Up To the Plate Tonight’

Martha MacCallum on Trump Speech: This Was ‘A Very Trumpian Version of The War on Afghanistan’

President Trump: Terrorists Are Nothing But Thugs, Criminals, Predators, ‘And, That’s Right- Losers’

Democratic Rep.: We’ve Spent Billions in Afghanistan With Nothing to Show for It

‘Glasses Are For Cucks’: Twitter Reacts to Trump Staring Directly At Solar Eclipse

Bannon Reportedly Believes Kushner Pushed Comey Firing, Priebus Should Give Account to Mueller

John Oliver to Melissa Francis: If You Hate Being Judged For Defending Trump, ‘Stop F**king Doing It!’

Media Coverage of Charlottesville Tragedy Reveals a Multitude of Double Standards

Bill Maher: ‘Free Speech Is Under Attack From Both Sides’

Bill Maher Blames Charlottesville on Fox News: They ‘Reanimated’ Nazi DNA

Jesse Watters: Phoenix Mayor Criticizing Timing of Trump Rally Just Wants ‘To Get on MSNBC’

Trump is On the Brink of Rolling Back Obamacare Contraceptive Mandate

Weeping Neo-Nazi Chris Cantwell Reportedly Started Out as a ‘Men’s Rights Activist’

The Left’s War on Statues is Crumbling Beneath Their Feet

Kimmel: If We’re Taking Down Racist Monuments, We Should Take Down Buildings With ‘Trump’ On Them

Colbert Applauds Trump’s ‘Moral Leadership’ That Lasted ‘About 45 Minutes’ in Wake of Barcelona

Tina Fey Urges America to Start ‘Sheet-Caking’ Instead of Protesting Alt-Right Rallies

Assange Reportedly Willing to Deliver Proof Russia Didn’t Hack DNC In Exchange For WH Press Credentials

21st Century Fox’s James Murdoch Rebukes Trump: ‘There Are No Good Nazis’

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