Head of Trump Favored Anti-Immigration Group Confronted Over Promoting ‘White Nationalist’ Website

John Oliver Roasts Trump for Flying to Florida, Eating Omelet After Declaring National Emergency

CNN’s State of the Union Blows Up Over Northam and Racism: ‘This is Not About President Donald Trump!’

Meghan McCain Tears Into Trump for Latest Attack on her Dad: So Much for Rejecting the Politics of Revenge

White House Announces SOTU Guests, Including Student Bullied Because His Last Name Is Trump

Howard Schultz Slams Warren’s Wealth-Tax Idea: It’s a ‘False Campaign Promise to Make Noise’

SNL’s Weekend Update Skewers BuzzFeed as ‘Fake News’: Stick to Your ‘Memes and Lists’

Cohen Advisor Lanny Davis Says Client May Bail on Testimony Thanks to Witness Intimidation by Trump: ‘Family is Out of Bounds!’

Shock Poll: Trump Gains 19 Points with Latino Voters During Border Wall Shutdown

Colbert: Trump’s the Dog Pelosi Won’t ‘Let Into the House’ Because ‘He’s Going to Poop Everywhere’

New Poll: Most Americans Blame Trump and Republicans for Shutdown

Armed Services Chair Says Trump Handling Syria Like ‘Drunken Sailor’ with ‘Emotional Rantings of a Child’

Check Out How Much Sinclair Broadcasting is Paying for Pro-Trump Boris Segments

Twitter Has Field Day With Trump’s Obama Wall Tweet: ‘THIS IS PATHETIC’

Don’t Look Now, But Trump’s Own Media Base is Revolting

Extensive Interview with ‘Russian Roulette’ Coauthor Isikoff Reveals Big Problems With ‘Collusion’ Theory

SNL’s Weekend Update Plays Impeachment Bingo, and So Can You!

Watch: SNL Hilariously Shows What Would Happen if Trump Were Black

Emails Reveal VA Official Was Told to Not Condemn White Nationalists After Charlottesville

Kimmel: Mueller is ‘Dotting the ‘I’s in Indictment and Crossing the ‘T’ in Treason’

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