Chris Christie Faces Questions From His Leaked Trump Vetting Dossier: ‘This is a Monumental Staff Failure’


Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie criticized the dysfunction of Presidential Donald Trump’s transition team in the wake of leaked transition documents obtained by Axios.

In a new report on Axios on HBO Sunday night, reporter Jonathan Swan asked Christie to read from his political vetting dossier.

Christie’s dossier, along with dozens of others, were leaked to Axios and detail what RNC staffers working on Trump’s transition team in 2016 viewed as “red flags” and questions to ask during interviews for jobs in the administration.

Swan asked Christie to read off questions from his dossier that were suggested to be asked by Trump if Christie was tapped for an administration role. Both questions concerned his sour relationship with Jared Kushner, whose father Christie prosecuted. Christie, who was head of the Trump transition, was fired from the Trump campaign two days after the election — he claims due to pressure from the president’s son-in-law — and his extensive transition plan was trashed.

“The interesting part of this, which shows you how disorganized they were, was they had an entire vice presidential file on me,” Christie said. “That’s what makes this funnier.”

“In the end this is a monumental staff failure that failed the president, and thus failed the country,” he continued.

Watch above, via Axios on HBO.

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