CNN Guest: Trump Is ‘Exhausting’ the Press Via Fact-Checking and That’s How ‘Dictators Win’

David Zurawik, the media critic for The Baltimore Sun, lamented how President Donald Trump has been “exhausting” the media because they have to fact-check many of his claims.

If he says something really offensive about immigrants and then Tucker Carlson says immigration makes us a dirtier country or whatever the exact quote that he gave there was, that is really destructive to American life,” Zurawik said on Reliable Sources. “We have to denounce it. But every time we do that, every time we chase it down, he is setting the agenda for what we cover. That is a really tough dilemma and none of us, I don’t think any of us have figured that out yet.”

“The other thing, Brian, is he drives us to exhaustion. If we quit fact-checking him, if we accept this, he wins. That’s the way dictators win. They drive the free press almost to exhaustion with this,” he added.

Watch above, via CNN.

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