‘He’s a Front’: Fox’s Jeanine Pirro Says Mueller Hearing Proves Existence of ‘Deep State’

Jeanine Pirro alleged on Fox Business this morning that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s hearing performance proved the existence of a “deep state.”

“Anyone ever concerned as to whether or not a real deep state existed, all you had to do was look at Robert Mueller testifying before Judiciary, I think before Intelligence as well,” Pirro told Fox Business host Charles Payne Friday.

“The bottom line is this. He was nothing more than a front for a whole group of Trump-hating Hillary-loving attorneys who on the record were already Hillary-loving attorneys,” she said.

“I mean, we didn’t find out anything. Christopher Steele wasn’t investigated. Fusion GPS. He didn’t even know what Fusion GPS was,” she continued.

Pirro then went on to argue Mueller didn’t read his own report.

“I think that Robert Mueller not only didn’t read the report and I think it’s very sad because what happened here was these players, and they are all part of a clique, Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Mueller, all of these people are friends,” she said.

“The deep state ran it, they came up with nothing because there was nothing to come up with, there was no life to breathe into it and all of these people should resign. Adam Schiff should step down as head of intelligence. He isn’t even intelligent,” she said.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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