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MSNBC Guest Asks If ‘Anyone at The MAGA Rally’ Can ‘Point Out Greenland on a Map’


A guest on MSNBC Live with Craig Melvin questioned if attendees at President Donald Trump’s rallies could find Greenland on a map.

“I’m a little concerned when I hear the descendants of colonizers taking land from indigenous people and we’re very flimsily talking about taking their autonomous land,” The Beat co-founder Tiffany Cross said. “This is something, you know his supporters are like just blind followers of his, and I wonder when this becomes a talking point of his on the campaign trail, can anybody at the MAGA rally point out Greenland on a map?”

“I would be very interested and curious to see, or tell us what kind of government Greenland has or who the indigenous people are. I highly doubt it. I think when you have a lack of understanding of global diplomacy, you can easily throw out these asinine ideas,” she said.

Melvin and his guests were discussing a Wall Street Journal report that Trump has frequently discussed if the United States could buy Greenland from Denmark.

“The [Harry] Truman administration reportedly at the time offered $100 million for Greenland and we did buy Alaska. I mean, this wouldn’t completely unprecedented I guess,” Melvin noted.

“I think it’s possible it was a little less than a total joke because the Trump administration and national security officials pre-dating the Trump administration have taken a great interest in the Arctic and the idea that there’s a growing strategic great power competition in that icy – although increasingly melting and that’s part of the story – part of the world,” New York Times correspondent Michael Crowley said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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