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The View Confronts Chris Christie Over Trump Getting Chummy With Putin: ‘How the Hell Could You Have Supported This Guy?’

The hosts of The View confronted former Gov. Chris Christie over his support of President Donald Trump after he spent a meeting joking with Vladimir Putin about election interference.

“How the hell could you have supported this guy?” Ana Navarro-Cárdenas asked Christie.

“Elections are not about who you want to vote for. Elections are about who’s left,” Christie said. ” I said all along that Donald Trump’s policies in general are more in line with my philosophy than Hillary Clinton’s was, and let’s let us also remember that 20% of the people who voted—who voted in ‘16 said they didn’t like either candidate.”

The hosts also brought up Trump’s inaction against climate change.

“For me, I believe that climate change is real,” Christie said.

“But he doesn’t. You’re smarter than that,” Sunny Hostin said, which Christie thanked her for saying.

Meghan McCain chimed into defend Christie. “Now you know what my life is like every day on this show, man. Getting screamed at just for being a Republican,” she said.

Watch above, via ABC.

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