Adam Schiff Continues to Double Down: ‘Ample Evidence’ of Collusion Between Trump and Russians

House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) doubled down on his belief that there is “ample evidence” of collusion between President Donald Trump and the Russians while acknowledging that Robert Muller‘s investigation could not find criminal proof.

“There is plenty of evidence of collusion and corrupt co-mingling of work between the Trump campaign and the Russians,” Schiff said on Morning Joe today after being asked about collusion claims in the light of Attorney General Robert Barr‘s summary of the probe. “But I fully accept that as a prosecutor that he couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that crime.”

“I always said well there was ample evidence of collusion in the public record,” he added. Whether Bob Mueller could prove the crime of conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt would be up to him and I would accept his judgment and I do.”

The lawmaker went on to list the Trump Tower meeting organized by Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort‘s meeting with a Russian connected to political consultant Konstantin Kilimnik, and Trump’s televised request for Russia to “find” Hillary’s “missing emails.”

“There is no doubt about how the president touted the Wikileaks releases,” Schiff continued. “All of this is in the public domain, and whether it is criminal or not, as I said the other day in committee, it’s deeply unpatriotic, unethical, and corrupt.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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