Ali Velshi Marks ‘Made in America’ Week by Listing Trump™ Products Made Overseas

One of the promotional ploys that the  President Donald Trump administration has brought to the nation’s capital has been “theme weeks.” In the past month or so we’ve seen “Infrastructure Week” and “Workforce Development” week, and today marks the first day of President Trump’s “Made in America” week, which is ostensibly a chance to highlight and celebrate American made products.

While supporters probably love this way to address policy issues, cynics might see this as a craven and old school publicity ploy designed to drive a news narrative. Consider MSNBC host Ali Velshi among those skeptics, but not because of the PR play, but because of the rather obvious hypocrisy between the administration’s “theme” and Trump’s own personal business.

Much has been made of the apparent incongruity between Trump’s pro-American product rhetoric and the fact that many of the products sold with the Trump brand license are, in fact, made overseas. And not just Trump-branded products, as Velshi highlights. There are plenty of Ivanka Trump products that are also produced overseas at great savings to the Trump family.

Watch the segment above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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