Bill Maher Tells The Gun Industry Why President Obama ‘Is The Best Friend They’ve Ever Had’

Maher Tells The Gun Industry Why Obama 'Is The Best Friend They've Ever Had'

For all the talk of some kind of secret plot by President Obama to take away everyone’s guns, no such conspiracy has taken place. And as Bill Maher argued tonight, it’s actually quite the opposite. Taking this as part of a larger trend of Democrats capitulating on issues and allowing Republicans to get whatever they want done, he said that Obama has been nothing but helpful to the gun industry.

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Maher clarified by admitting that his position on guns is not completely to the left on this issue. He is perfectly okay with people protecting themselves within their own homes. However, he said that he prefers to run away in situations of self-defense, joking that he does so mostly because he has white carpeting. Then Maher called out the Democrats and liberals who “unconditionally surrendered” in the face of stricter gun laws pushed by conservatives, asking when they will finally “stand their ground.”

He pointed to a bill in Texas that allows you to shoot a deer with a silencer. He launched into a whole string of jokes about the absurdity of needing freer laws to shoot down an animal that can’t really defend itself to begin with. He also pointed to another law demanding that the EPA not limit the amount of lead in bullets. Which is a thing the EPA does not do. Yet.

But Maher finally got around to the Democrats, and said they should be taking stronger stands against looser gun laws.

“This is a cautionary tale about what happens when the Democrats completely lay down on an issue and let the right get whatever they want. You get insanity. Arming panicky, untrained vigilantes like George Zimmerman and telling them it’s okay to shoot whenever they’re afraid is like dumping all the milk bones on the kitchen floor and telling your dog, ‘Just eat when you’re hungry.'”

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He asked why “gun nuts” have guns anyway if they’re not going to use them every once in a while. After all, he said, “I collect rare Ming Dynasty opium pipes, but I USE THEM.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of HBO:

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