Bill Maher to Charlie Rose: Americans Hate the Word ‘Liberal’

Bill Maher has been making the promotional rounds this week ahead of his big double-header Real Time/stand-up special event this Friday, popping up on the Late Show with David Letterman and telling The Hill what he likes about Rand Paul. Last night, Maher added Charlie Rose’s PBS show to the list.

Rose asked Maher to explain where his politics are today, to which the comedian responded, “I think they are where they always were: I think I’m right about everything, of course.”

While he said he usually “caucuses” with the liberals, so to speak, he knows he can upset that base because of how often his left-leaning live audience at Real Time openly boos what he has to say. He agreed that there is a “touch of libertarian” in him, but said that was true for everybody.

“People don’t know what they are,” Maher said. “They hate the word ‘liberal’ around the country. They don’t know that they are more progressive than they think they are.” He said people equate the word “liberal” with being “soft on crime, soft on war,” and, in Rose’s words “unpatriotic.”

“I think this is one problem that the president faces,” Maher continued, “and that is that the people are actually way more with him on policy than they know,” citing Obama’s apparent caution on ISIS and Iraq as an example.

Watch video below, via PBS:

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