Bill O’Reilly: Hannity and I Will ‘Fight Back’ Against ‘Big Money’ Media Matters

During tonight’s multi-segment interview with former Fox News megastar Bill O’Reilly, host Sean Hannity turned the conversation towards the two conservative commentators’ combined disdain for not only the mainstream media but also the liberal media watchdog Media Matters for America.

Prior to O’Reilly’s appearance this evening, Media Matters devoted quite a bit of coverage to slamming the scheduled interview, pointing out that O’Reilly had been ousted from Fox News just a few months ago following his sexual harassment scandal. The site also highlighted Hannity’s advertisers that had previously dropped O’Reilly Fox News show before O’Reilly was pushed out.

After railing against mainstream media outlets, O’Reilly told Hannity that “what’s happened now is big money has poured into organizations like Media Matters” before adding that MMfA “threatened” the two of them just for doing the segment.

“I call them liberal fascists,” Hannity responded. “That’s what they are.”

O’Reilly would go to plug a book by former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson to make his point while Hannity would complain that Media Matters pays reporters to monitor “every prominent conservative voice” to attack them and their advertisers.

This led to the following declaration from O’Reilly:

“Hannity and I have discussed it off camera. We will fight back. You fought back when they came after you last spring. I didn’t and I should have. Anyway, this is so dangerous to the country. People don’t know how dangerous this is because most people aren’t engaged. They don’t pay attention. They just hear things. And these propaganda people throw this stuff out as fact where it lies across the board.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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