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Chris Wallace On White House: “Biggest Bunch Of Crybabies I’ve Seen”

Picture 5President Barack Obama is making all the media rounds this weekend, going on five Sunday news programs to drum up support for his health care reform. One network not included in his very busy schedule? Fox News. Last night Bill O’Reilly had the host of “Fox News Sunday” Chris Wallace on to discuss the White House’s decision to exclude FNC from Obama’s Sunday tour, and while Wallace seemed to want to take the high road, it got a little juvenile.

Oh the irony. Just after saying just “how petty” this White House is and how it’s nothing like the Reagan Administration, Fox’s Wallace called the Obama administration “the biggest bunch of crybabies I have dealt with in my 30 years in Washington.” So much for the high road.

Later in the segment O’Reilly repeatedly made the point (made here before) that Obama is making a big mistake by snubbing Fox News. As we’ve said before, the real debate on health care is between the White House and Fox News.

Attacks on the Obama administration are not uncommon on Fox News, but accusations of bias are often rebutted with the claim that FNC’s primetime hosts are “analysts” or “commenters”, not journalists, and hold themselves to a different standard. It’s worth noting that Chris Wallace is regarded as one of the premier television journalists, not just for Fox, but across the industry. Which makes his comment all the more stunning.

The piece wrapped up with Wallace and O’Reilly agreeing, nay, pleading with the White House to “let Fox Help them.” And they have a point. While the techniques of Fox News are certainly up for debate, it is difficult to argue with the net result — they appear to have more influence in the political discourse right now than any other outlet. Perhaps the Obama administration would be better served engaging with FNC instead of fighting them, because it appears to be a battle that the White House is losing right now.

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