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CNBC Guest Calls Jim Cramer “Public Relations Officer” For Goldman Sachs

The Goldman Sachs fraud lawsuit news today has the business news networks becoming must-see TV – and not just for the occasional curse word that slips out on-air.

Today during Jim Cramer‘s segment on CNBC’s Street Signs with Erin Burnett, guest Sylvain Raynes from R&R Consulting went after Cramer – and Cramer fired back.

After Cramer seemed to defend Goldman Sachs, or at least appear skeptical of their wrongdoing, Raynes got his chance to weigh in. “I’m pleased to be on this show, since most of your previous guests were public relations officers for Goldman,” he said. “Is it ok if I’m a little critical?”

The shot at Cramer garnered an immediate response from the Mad Money host. “I don’t like to hear that,” he said. “I’ve blasted Goldman many times I don’t need to hear that nonsense.”

After some more back-and-forth, Raynes continued in his mild-mannered takedown. “I want to remain shallow in deference to Mr. Cramer,” he said at the end of his answer, with Burnett cutting in and interrupting. Before cutting to commercial, she said, “Sylvain will not be with us. Sylvain you’ve got to be more polite than that.”

Here’s the video:

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