CNN Host: ‘F*ck Tucker Carlson’


CNN host W. Kamau Bell interviewed an anti-fascist activist during Sunday night’s edition of United Shades of America and ended the segment by aiming an expletive at Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the network’s biggest Antifa critic.

“Full disclosure. Tucker Carlson from Fox News at one point in the not-too-distant past labeled me a leader of Antifa,” Bell said as he sat down with an Antifa activist named Ariel, before joking that “it was news to me.”

Bell played a Fox News segment from 2017 in which Carlson said the CNN host is “a supporter of Antifa.”

“They hate this country and want to tear it down. None of that seems to matter to Kamau Bell… You are pedaling hate and Bell is,” Carlson said.

While explaining the Antifa movement’s ideology, the activist asked Bell if he approves of fascism. He responded with the negative, to which Ariel said the host could now “consider yourself Antifa if you wanted to.”

“If you’re opposed to fascism then you are Antifa because it’s anti-fascism. That could be a lot of things,” Ariel added. “Maybe they’re a great programmer, and they could build a website to educate children.”

The self-described anarcho-communist later joked that the only “moderate Republican” might be “Abraham Lincoln.”

“Exactly,” Bell replied. “That’s the last time we had a true moderate Republican.”

Ariel also explained to Bell various instances of Antifa activism, including the infamous black bloc masks they don during protests and the doxxing of ICE officials involved in the deportation or detention of migrants.

Bell concluded the segment by saying, “Before I wrap it up, I just want to say, fuck Tucker Carlson.”

After the CNN host was called out by a critic, he claimed on Twitter that Carlson “knowingly lied about me on his show more than once.”

“[His] lies led to me having to change security protocols around my family,” Bell added.

As for Carlson’s history with the movement, anti-fascists held a demonstration outside of his Washington, D.C. home in December, during which the group chanted, “We will fight! We know where you sleep at night” and referred to him as a “racist scumbag.” Carlson’s wife, fearing a home invasion, locked herself in the pantry and called 911. Carlson accused an Antifa member of cracking his front door after pounding on it during the protest, but a police spokesperson responded to the claim by saying, “MPD did not observe any visible damage to the front door of the victim’s house the night of the incident.”

In a statement at the time, Fox News called the Antifa protest outside Carlson’s house “reprehensible.”

“The violent threats and intimidation tactics toward him and his family are completely unacceptable,” the network wrote.

Watch above, via CNN.

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