comScore CNN: Joy Reid's 'Alleged Lie' Was 'Nutty' and 'Desperate', Like Anthony Weiner

CNN Panel Rips Joy Reid Over ‘Nutty’ Hacking Claims: ‘Reminds Me of the Anthony Weiner Issue’

On CNN’s Reliable Sources, host Brian Stelter discussed the recent controversy over unearthed controversial blog posts by MSNBC’s Joy Reid, and a panel consisting of Mary Katharine Ham of The Federalist, David Zurowik of the Baltimore Sun, Democratic strategist Maria Cardona, and Matt Lewis of The Daily Beast.

The panel dismissed the notion that this story was a distraction, saying that it was made recent and relevant by Reid’s previous story about hacking. Stelter said the hacking story is a question of credibility. “We don’t know if she’s lying,” he said, “but it looks like that.”

Zurowik referred to that “alleged lie” as being “nutty,” and the “kind of thing you make up when you’re really desperate.”

“It reminds me of the Anthony Weiner issue,” said Cardona. “He kept claiming that he was hacked. That’s not a good memory for people to have when Joy Reid talks about her hacking.”

They concluded that essentially everyone is a tribalist now, as Lewis said, and acting on purely partisan political reasons rather than moral ones.

“Tribalism is good for traffic, though,” joked Mary Katharine Ham, in a fitting end to the segment.

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