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CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Doubts Network’s Own Poll: I Don’t Believe ‘For One Second’ Impeachment Support Falling Among Dems

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin refused to accept the results of the network’s own impeachment poll, Tuesday, after it showed a substantial drop in Democrats who support the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

As the poll showed that the number of Democrats who support impeachment had dropped from 90 percent to just 77 percent since last month, Toobin declared, “I don’t believe that poll for one second.”

After being asked which part he didn’t believe, he replied, “The 90 to 77 percent. I… You know, it’s just I don’t believe it, like it makes no sense that that number would change like that.”

CNN political director David Chalian responded, “It’s a subset of the poll, and the margin of error when you look at just Democrats is like 6.7% in here. It’s not a wild swing, it’s just where the movement is in the poll. I don’t know what’s not to believe, that’s what… You know you call people up on the telephone and you get their information. You pump out a survey. This is what those that we polled told us.”

Toobin, however, was still not buying it.

“I get it, but life has shown us that polls are sometimes wrong, and David, that poll is wrong. Just because I said so, okay?” he shot back.

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