CNN’s Keilar Roasts Georgia State Rep. Claiming Delta Gives Planned Parenthood Discounts


CNN anchor Brianna Keilar wasn’t about to let a Georgia lawmaker make a damning accusation on her show without forcefully challenging him to defend and prove his claim.

Appearing on CNN this afternoon, Republican Georgia State Senator Michael Williams said he wanted to reject proposed state tax breaks to Delta due to the airline’s decision to end discounted rates for the NRA in the wake of the Parkland shooting. Williams then wondered aloud why Delta was pulling discounts for NRA members and “not Planned Parenthood or others out there.”

“Where is the discount — you’re saying — where are you getting that, that Delta gives a discount to Planned Parenthood members?” Keilar skeptically asked.

“They’re out there giving discounts to other liberal-leaning organizations,” Williams said.

The CNN anchor once again asked where Williams was getting his information at, stating she’s seen this tossed out on right-wing blogs but that she hasn’t been able to verify those allegations.

“To be clear we looked it up as well and it doesn’t appear after some digging that we’ve been able to determine that that is actually factual,” she stated. “You’re indicating something that may not be true there.”

“Again, I believe very firmly Delta is out there giving discounts to left-wing organizations as well,” the lawmakers shot back. “If they’re going to take it away from the NRA, why not the left-wing organizations.”

The two then got into a back-and-forth, with Williams asking Keilar if she honestly believed Delta wasn’t giving discounts to liberal organizations and the CNN host noting that he specifically said Planned Parenthood.

“Is that not a left-wing organization?” Williams declared. “It is a very left-leaning organization.”

Keilar, dumbfounded, said that was the point and he was making an unsubstantiated claim that Delta is giving discounts to Planned Parenthood.

“I guess agree to disagree. Bring me back on and I’ll have the information for you about where they’re giving away these discounts to left-leaning organizations that support Planned Parenthood,” Williams replied, immediately hedging on his claim.

Keilar told Williams that once he provides her with proof to support his claim she’ll post it on Twitter to let her viewers know if what he’s saying is true or not.

At the end of the segment, she reminded Williams to have his office send her the data that backs up his claims, with Williams repeating that Delta is giving discounts to “left-wing organizations that support Planned Parenthood.” (Again, earlier in the interview, he specifically named Planned Parenthood as receiving discounts.)

As of the time of this publication, neither Keilar or CNN Newsroom had tweeted out any proof sent by Williams.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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