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CNN’s Paul Begala Mocks Trump’s ‘Christian Values’ Speech: ‘He Is Such a Godly Man!’

Earlier today, President Donald Trump delivered a speech at the Values Voter Summit in which he proclaimed several times the need for God to be in Americans’ lives. (He also declared victory in the War on Christmas, informing the audience they can now say Merry Christmas again.)

Trump’s appeal to Christian voters came on the heels of news the president would be cutting off Obamacare subsidies for the poor. The killing of the subsidies combined with Trump’s latest executive order allowing people to sign up for short-term policies with few benefits will likely lead to a surge in insurance premium prices.

Following the president’s speech, CNN political commentator Paul Begala reacted by ridiculing the notion that Trump is a pious individual, pointing to his latest moves on health care to drive home his point.

“I am glad folks at the Values Voter Summit enjoyed it,” Begala noted after claiming that Trump’s Obamacare changes are going to be a “catastrophe.”

He continued, “He is such a godly man. He embodies Christian values of faith and hope and charity and prudence and compassion, all of the things Christians believe in. Donald Trump is just the exemplar of that. But he’s going to screw them on health care.”

Tell us how you really feel, Paul.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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