CNN’s Toobin Goes Off on Trump’s Caravan Rhetoric: ‘I Wonder About Our Complicity in Just Talking About This’


CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin went on a tear this afternoon over President Donald Trump‘s rhetoric on the migrant caravan.

After Jeff Zeleny noted how Trump is exploiting the issue for politics and pointed out that it’s just not true they’re “knocking on the door of the border,” Toobin cried, “It’s 1000 miles away! 1000 miles. You know how long it takes to walk 1,000 miles?!”

He said this whole thing is “absurd” and manufactured to “appeal to the ugliest sentiments of Trump’s coalition.”

“The idea that we are under threat from these poor, desperate people is just absurd. And, you know, the lies that he keeps telling about who is in this group, with no proof at all. I mean, it is just the bottom of the barrel politics that he’s engaged in,” Toobin continued.” “And, frankly, you know, I wonder about our complicity in just talking about this, as if this is some kind of close to immediate threat.”

Wolf Blitzer said, “But he is the President of the United States. You can’t ignore what the President of the United States says.

“I understand that,” Toobin responded. “But, you know, we can focus on some things more than others.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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