Colbert Goes to Capitol Hill to Give Congress His Own ‘Memo’: ‘Devin Nunes Is a [REDACTED]’

Stephen Colbert made a trip to Capitol Hill recently in hopes to get to the bottom of the Russia investigation.

His first stop was with House Intelligence Committee Ranking Democrat Adam Schiff (D-CA) to “hear all the intel he couldn’t tell.”

Schiff told the Late Show host that he couldn’t tell him anything that hasn’t been made public yet, but that didn’t stop Colbert from trying to get “juicy stuff” out of the congressman, so much so that he attempted to decipher Schiff’s facial reactions to pictures he held up of Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. to see if they were “guilty.” Sadly for Colbert, he did not get the answers he sought.

However, Colbert presented his own “memo” to Schiff which read the following:

Devin Nunes is a [REDACTED]

Colbert roamed around Capitol Hill and passed around copies of his “memo” to everyone he came across. He even taped a copy to Devin Nunes’ door.

He then popped into Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake‘s office, believing he was the “only Republican” that was willing to read his memo on TV.

“Do you have any guesses as to what it may say underneath?” Colbert asked.

“Californian?” Flake guessed. “Former dairy farmer?”

Former dairy farmer?” Colbert reacted. “Because he seems to be milking it right now.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS. The full segment will be added once it’s available.

[image via screengrab]

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