Dem Rep Slams House GOP’s Renewed Talk of Hillary Clinton Email Investigation: ‘Just Pure Obsession’

Rep. Ruben Gallego sat down with CNN’s John Berman to talk about a six-page letter sent by House Republicans expressing concern over the “thoroughness and impartiality” of both the Russian probe and the investigation of Hillary Clinton‘s emails.

“On their way out the door, as part of this six-page letter, one of the main points is they still think there should be an additional special counsel brought on to investigate James Comey‘s investigation of Hillary Clinton. What’s your reaction?” Berman asked the Democratic lawmaker.

“This is just pure obsession by these Republicans,” Gallego replied. “Hillary Clinton is no longer a presidential candidate. The president is Donald Trump. He has clearly done some levels of violation that should be investigated. They need to get over it. Hillary Clinton is not your president.”

He added: “She’s not the person that should be investigated. The collusion, the crimes that have occurred have occurred under this administration. It’s time to actually look into and see what happened instead of trying to dodge it and distract by throwing Hillary Clinton out there.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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