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Dick Morris: Michelle Obama’s Spain Trip, Unlike Clinton Vacations, A ‘Tremendous Failure’ For Obamas

The backlash against First Lady Michelle Obama‘s trip to Spain may have already seemed a bit excessive to Democrats already, given that even Bill O’Reilly has admitted that the only reason he’s covering the story is because, hey, it’s August. But while most of the attacks until now have been based on the optics of the trip and the First Lady directly, tonight Dick Morris extended the blame to both the Obamas, calling it a “tremendous failure.”

For the most part, Morris’ assessment is also one of optics– given that “people have to make cutbacks in their own lives” during this time of year and the pivotal November elections are coming up, the trip, according to Morris, looked “very bad and is very unnecessary.” But a point he made that hasn’t been raised as often is the fact that, during her trip, Michelle Obama only had one official event– lunch with the King of Spain, Juan Carlos I.

In contrast, Morris noted that, while “people had to look at the Clintons hobnobbing in Martha’s Vineyard” and were upset by it, “Hillary, when she traveled, to her credit, went to every last day care center, child feeding program, poverty thing (part of it is that she hates vacations).” Obama, on the other hand, has not. It’s an interesting comparison to make– even more interesting because Morris opted to use Hillary Clinton as the example and not Laura Bush— the one that’s still a viable political figure. So viable, in fact, that rumors have begun that Clinton is either being eyed for the vice presidency, or mounting a challenge to Obama in 2012– making it quite convenient that she is now being compared to the so-called tone deaf Obama as a role model to follow.

The clip from tonight’s O’Reilly Factor via Fox News below:

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