Don Lemon Rips Kanye West For ‘Embarrassing Himself’ Over Slavery Comments: ‘He Should Read!’


Don Lemon tore into Kanye West for his remarks he made regarding slavery being “a choice.”

While discussing the topic Monday night, local hip hop radio host Ebro Darden claimed that Kanye’s brain and mouth “were not working in concert” and that he’s “embarrassing a lot of people” in hip hop.

“He’s embarrassing himself, actually,” Lemon reacted. “Because he doesn’t know history. He should- he should read!”

Lemon then insisted that Kanye “doesn’t know what free thinking is” because people are free to criticize him and that there’s a consensus on slavery in this country “because of facts” and “history.”

“People know what happened in the past and what effects that continues to have on people even in the present now,” Lemon elaborated. “So it’s not necessarily that it’s not free thinking.”

The CNN host then sided with TMZ staffer Van Lathan who told Kanye that he has to be “more responsible” about what he says because of the platform that he has. Darden added that Kanye has “stepped out of his circle” in Calabasas, California and “started having conversations with people who actually know what’s going on” and that the conversations that he wants to be a part of “have been happening” but “hasn’t been a part of them.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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