Eric Bolling Defends Fox News Hosts from Ralph Peters: Opinionated But ‘Within the Boundaries of Fact’


Former Fox News host Eric Bolling came to the defense of his former Fox News colleagues after Ralph Peters scorched some of them in an email announcing his departure.

Peters declared that he was ashamed to be part of a “propaganda machine,” attacking primetime Fox News hosts for “dismiss[ing] facts and empirical reality” and even saying, “To me, Fox News is now wittingly harming our system of government for profit.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter brought up Peters during his conversation with Bolling and read portions of his email. He asked Bolling if he agrees Fox is now “a propaganda machine.”

Bolling said he’s known Peters as a bombastic and provocative person, but argued that when he himself left Fox News, “there were not a lot of pro-Trump people at Fox, there was only a handful of us.”

He also had this to say about the network:

“No one calls you and says you have to be on board with Trump or against Trump or pro-Obama or against Obama or have this political leaning or ideology. We are free to have our own opinions, I’m sure you are. I always was. I was never told which way to go with anything and I never did.”

Stelter brought up Shepard Smith‘s recent dig at the opinion side of Fox, which led to a very public response from Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. Bolling said Smith “has a lot of opinion in his ‘journalism’ show” and “has his role” too.

He went on to defend his former colleagues in primetime:

“Sean Hannity’s a very good friend of mine. Laura Ingraham, a very good friend of mine. They’re very opinionated, but they’re always within the boundaries of fact. As opposed to a different type of news show, a straight news… show here at Fox or anywhere… When you get into primetime, the primetime hosts on cable are delving further and further into opinion but staying within the realms of fact.”

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