Ex-CIA Official Argues Trump’s ‘Subject’ Status in Mueller Probe is Still Bad: ‘I’d Wet My Pants’

CNN analyst Phil Mudd, a former CIA counterintelligence official, argued that Donald Trump should still be in personal fear over Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, as he could “transition from a subject to a target.”

Yesterday, a Washington Post story reported Mueller informed Trump’s legal counsel that, while the president is a subject of the probe, he is not a criminal target. In response to this news, some in media have suggested that Trump has nothing to worry about, as the investigation is not going after him personally at this time.

However, Mudd appeared on CNN last night with Don Lemon and argued the opposite:

“I think we’re too soft on this. If someone walked in my room—in particular, FBI investigators—I‘ve been questioned as a witness, not a subject. If someone walked in my office and said I was a subject of a multi-year criminal investigation led by a former FBI director, Robert Mueller, I’d wet my pants.”

He went on to note that this probe is still “significant” for Trump.

“The president is the subject of a criminal investigation,” he added. “If he goes into questioning in a room and he lies about what he’s done or said over the course of time, he could transition from a subject to a target.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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