Fox & Friends Debates Whether or Not God Decides the Outcome of NFL Games

Does God influence the outcome of NFL playoff games? This was the question discussed on the Fox & Friends curvy couch Tuesday morning after a news report of a Maine pastor who appeared to correctly predict the final score of the New England Patriots defeat of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The pastor apparently put words on a sign outside his Skowhegan church that said “God does not have a favorite team but the pastor does!!  Patriots 37 Chiefs 31” which was the final score.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt appeared to be blown away by the pastor’s prediction repeating what the pastor put on the sign.

Brian Kilmeade replied “He is allowed,” to which Ainsley asked, “You don’t think that God cares who wins the game, right?”

Kilmeade responded “I’m pretty sure God lets the game just play out,” which seemed to surprise Earhardt.

“I think God is in everything,” Earhardt proclaimed which was followed by an angelic sound effect.

Fox & Friends viewers likely rejoiced with hosannas from the many rural diners that seem to enjoy a symbiotic relationship with the Fox News morning news show.

Watch above courtesy of Fox News.

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