comScore Fox & Friends Defends Trump Call to Putin: ‘Hopefully There’s a Grand Plan’

Fox & Friends Defends Trump Call to Putin: ‘Hopefully There’s a Grand Plan’

Fox & Friends went off on the media for scrutinizing President Donald Trump’s call to Vladimir Putin this week, to congratulate the Russian president for his election win.

The call has drawn condemnation from many in the media — given the corrupted nature of Russia’s elections — as well as lawmakers in Trump’s own party.

“Here’s the thing about the president,” Brian Kilmeade said on Fox & Friends Thursday morning. “He actually is significantly tougher than the other prior president on Russia.”

“He’s armed the Ukrainians, he has actually hit the oligarchs list, he went along with sanctions, three days ago, he condemned them for the poison attacks in Britain,” Kilmeade continued. “So look at his actions, not past his words.”

“Hopefully there’s a grand plan.”

Co-host Steve Doocy added that President Barack Obama made a call to Putin in 2012 congratulating him on his election win.

“If the mainstream media is going to call President Trump on ‘hey I can’t believe you picked up the phine to say congratulations you won,’ look at the things that the president of the United States by the name of Barack Obama did back in 2012.”

“He congratulated Vladimir Putin,” Doocy added.

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