Fox News Host Presses WH Spox: Are There Really Enough Dems Who Will Suddenly Work With Trump on Wall?


White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley appeared on Fox & Friends this morning and said that President Donald Trump did not cave on the border wall––he “stood up for the American people.”

Gidley claimed to the Fox hosts that while Democratic leaders wouldn’t negotiate or come to the table, “We had Democrats from rank and file positions come to us and say, ‘Listen, we ran on safety and security. Our constituents don’t think walls are immoral, they don’t think locking their doors at night protecting their own families is immoral. We are not like Chuck Schumer. We are not Nancy Pelosi’s puppet. We want to work with you guys to come to a solution, when we open the government, to actually build barriers along the southern border to protect the American people.'”

And Trump reopened the government, he said, because they realized “the dam was beginning to break.”

Pete Hegseth, however, said he’s skeptical of the idea enough Democrats want to work with POTUS:

“You’re giving a lot of good faith to Democrats, which I’ve yet to see. And I don’t know who all these unicorn, moderate Democrats are that are gonna suddenly work with this president. Sounds nice, but count me as skeptical. If you get to the end of three weeks and there’s no magical deal, ’cause Nancy’s not going to allow it, is the president declared to prepare a national emergency or another measure to make sure the wall gets built?”

“All those options remain on the table. The president has taken nothing off the table,” Gidley responded. He brought up votes Democrats have taken for border fencing in the past.

“Correct and true,” Hegseth said, “but it was before President Trump. You know how much they hate him, and for any Democrat to work with him, enable him, or legitimize him, frankly, they would be primaried and they would be shouted down by the left wing, which dominates that party.”

He asked if it’s just wishful thinking that these Democrats will now give Trump “his signature campaign promise.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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