Fox News’ Perino Defends Media’s Stormy Daniels Coverage: Imagine If Podesta Paid Someone Off for Clinton

Fox News’ Dana Perino today defended the media coverage of Stormy Daniels by asking her co-hosts to imagine if this involved, say, John Podesta and Bill Clinton.

The alleged Daniels-Trump affair is back in the news this week over 1) Daniels’ lawsuit against the president, and 2) more reporting about the involvement of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen in arranging the money to pay her off.

The Five today talked about the newest jobs numbers and the media’s coverage of it, when Greg Gutfeld talked about media “deflection” and joked, “I think Stormy Daniels is now a CNN contributor.”

The hosts moved onto the economic news, though Perino, while noting the “unfortunate” issue of media non-coverage, did say this:

“I’m pretty sure that if John Podesta had paid $130,000 out of his account to pay off somebody in Bill Clinton’s world that was salacious, there would be coverage. So every media organization gets to make a choice.”

“The difference is,” Gutfeld responded, “we all know what Trump is. Trump said, ‘I’m not a role model.’ That’s why this Stormy Daniels thing doesn’t really resonate with Americans, ’cause they know what they got.”

He added, “Americans know what they elected. So Donald Trump is attracted to adult film stars. I think that’s not shocking.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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