Fox’s Judge Napolitano Now Claiming Trump Wiretapping Accusation: ‘Appears to be Absolutely True’


Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano made the claim this morning that President Donald Trump’s “wiretapping” allegations against President Barack Obama’s White House appear “to be absolutely true” in light of the recent CNN report on the issue.

He made the claim while appearing with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo alongside a roundtable on the show Mornings with Maria — where another guest called the alleged wiretapping “a witch hunt,” a term Trump often uses himself. Napolitano also added that if the wiretap had any political purposes relating to the 2016 election everyone involved should be indicted, including Obama.

Napolitano’s vindication of Trump’s wiretap claims went as follows:

“[Trump’s] argument that he was being wiretapped, which was so loudly mocked and ridiculed, now appears to be absolutely true. It was a wiretap for bona fide criminal investigatory purposes… [or] the wiretap was a conduit to get to Hillary Clinton information about what Manafort and Trump or were planing in the campaign. If it’s the latter, everybody in that chain should be indicted including, if he was involved, President Obama.”

Except that Trump’s accusation that his phones were wiretapped by Obama is not necessarily proven true by the latest CNN development on the story. If the surveillance was carried out under a FISA warrant, any conversation between Trump and Manafort unrelated to the former campaign manager’s ties to Russia would not be  wouldn’t be retained by the government — according to Chris Cillizza, CNN’s editor-at-large. Meaning, Trump’s belief that he was wiretapped for political reasons relating to the 2016 presidential election is still unsubstantiated, regardless of CNN’s new reporting.

Additionally, Napolitano has personal stock in proving Trump’s wiretapping allegations right, as Fox News removed him from the air temporarily in March of this year after he lobbed similar unfounded accusations against President Barack Obama.

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