Glenn Beck Says Red Hen Owner Has ‘Every Right’ to her ‘Moral Stance’


“We shouldn’t be compelled to use our talent to make food,” said right wing talk radio host Glenn Beck on Monday, “if it violates our conscience.”

The CEO of The Blaze was following up on his explanation for walking out on a CNN interview Sunday and brought up the weekend incident of Sarah Huckabee Sanders being asked to leave a restaurant during a meal because of who she is.

“I think the Red– Baron lady or Red Hen lady, I think she has every right to do that if she wants,” he said. “I think it’s foolish, but she has every right to do it.”

He says he stands in exactly the same place on the issue of the cake baker in Colorado. “How about you?” he asked.

He also echoed Morning Joe‘s panelists in saying that the incident was “polite.”

“When Sarah was kicked out of the restaurant in Virginia, because of the owner’s moral stance– she couldn’t tolerate the press secretary being in her restaurant,” said Beck. “I think she was very polite about it. And I think Sarah was very polite about it. Okay.”

“However the people online weren’t so polite, either side” he said in comparison. “Everyone took to their favorite ‘I’m addicted to outrage’ app – Twitter, Facebook – and the argument began.”

He then described how the left and the right were reversing roles in their attacks and defenses of the owner’s rights. “It was amazing,” he said.

Referencing back to his comments on CNN and earlier in the segment, the host said that a third group of Americans are seeing all the dishonesty and flipping of positions and aren’t happy about it.

He also specifically calls out the left for being “militant,” bringing up “death threats to the President’s son” and the comments by Maxine Waters over the weekend.

“They’re going a little farther than saying ‘I’m going to target a district’,” he said, a clear reference to the national outrage over the infamous incident involving Sarah Palin prior to the shooting of then-Congresswoman, Democrat Gabrielle Giffords, where an infographic used a target element over her district. “I don’t know if you’ve notice this in the press, but it seems to be just a tad further than that.”

Life is not fair, said Beck, and he advised people to grow up and have “thicker skin.”

He then said, as quoted above, “we shouldn’t be compelled to use our talent to make food, or to decorate the cakes, or anything else if it violates our conscience.”

“If that’s you moral stance, God Bless you,” he said. “I’ll just remember not to go there to get a cake or I’ll not go there to eat a meal. That’s fine. A lot of people will. Great.”

There was a strange aside about KKK coffee, you can hear above, and then he concluded that all of this has been very clarifying.

The real problem, he concludes, is that the left and the right “worship the altar of politicians, political parties and social status.”

Listen above, via the Glenn Beck Radio Show.

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