HFPA President Thinks Ricky Gervais “Crossed Line” With Golden Globes Jokes

Last night, we told you we were a bit afraid that Ricky Gervais‘ no-holds-barred jokes while hosting the Golden Globes Awards would lose him favor among some in Hollywood and, well. We were right: With big egos come thin skins.

Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Philip Berk, for one, was less than enthused about Gervais’ jokes during the awards show, which included jabs at Hollywood elite the likes of Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie. Then, again, Berk pointed out, you don’t hire an irreverent comedian like Gervais with the expectation that he’ll wax poetic on the weather or fawn over stars:

He definitely crossed the line. And some of the things were totally unacceptable. But that’s Ricky.

Any of the references to individuals is certainly not something the Hollywood Foreign Press condones.

Berk also lent some interesting insight into how the sausage is made, so to speak, behind the scenes at awards shows. Usually, he shares, hosts have their speeches and jokes vetted before the show airs, but apparently Gervais wouldn’t allow such tampering. So when, for instance, you heard Gervais refer to Bruce Willis as “Ashton Kutcher’s dad” for the first time, so did Berk. Not sure about you all, but that makes us inclined to like Gervais even more than usual. (Which, as anyone else who has seen this before might tell you, is a whole lot.)

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