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Joe Biden Warns Trump Reelection Will Lead to NATO’s End: ‘Embracing Thugs’ and ‘Stiff-Arming’ Allies

During his interview this week with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, former Vice President Joe Biden spoke of President Donald Trump as a destabilizing force for international politics, and he warned that things will only get worse if the president is reelected.

When Biden was asked what bothers him abroad, the ex-veep said it would be a “disaster” if America winds up in a position where it must take on terrorism and other matters without a coalition of allies.

“We need allies. He is absolutely dissing them,” Biden said. “He’s embracing thugs. He’s embracing Kim Jong-Un who’s a thug. He’s embracing [Vladimir] Putin who is a flat dictator, and he’s stiff-arming our friends.”

Biden continued by dismissing Trump’s claim of making NATO’s member nations contribute more to the coalition’s collective defense, and he promised that “if he wins reelection, there’ll be no NATO in four or five years.” He stood by this point by saying he has seen foreign politicians speak about how other countries have to “go it alone,” which Biden interpreted as “we can’t count on the United States.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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