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Late Show with Stephen Colbert Set Has ‘Mechanic Shop Aesthetic’

colbertStephen Colbert‘s new prime-time broadcast gig over at CBS’s Late Show has been doing test shows, and audiences are already going on the record to describe everything from the set to Colbert himself.

CNN interviewed several members of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert test audience, which consists of a much larger demographic than David Letterman‘s show often did towards the end. In other words, there are more young people in the audience.

Considering that one of the oldest audience members interviewed was 58, CNN’s Tom Kludt went on to note that the “network is counting on [Colbert] to bring the young people who religiously watched the Report and made up what the comedian dubbed ‘The Colbert Nation.'”

Others noted how different the talk show host was from his Colbert Report persona, something that both the comedian and CBS have emphasized previously. However, one of the more intriguing bits of information came from 24-year-old Scott Interante.

Interante, a graduate student at Hunter College in Manhattan, noticed that the Captain America shield and book shelf that decorated Colbert’s Comedy Central set have made the trip over to CBS.

Interante said the two-level Late Show set is “beautiful,” with a video screen that provides a cityscape backdrop, but also displays pre-packaged comedy segments.

He said Colbert takes the stage through a garage door, lending the set what he described as a “mechanic shop aesthetic.”

Wait a minute. A garage door? A “mechanic shop aesthetic”? Since when did Colbert become interested in automobile maintenance and repair?

Maybe it’s just another one of those “interesting” design choices on the part of Colbert’s production team. That, or the comedian’s own playful hat tip to former Tonight Show host and longtime Letterman rival Jay Leno, whose NBC show Jay Leno’s Garage is being revived for CNBC in October.

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