Maddow Blasts Manchin for Opposing House Gun Control Bills: He Will Personally ‘Stop the Whole Country from Getting Any Substantive Relief’


On Tuesday night Rachel Maddow walked viewers through the last ten years of attempts to get gun control passed in Congress after multiple mass shootings, especially after the shootings in Newtown and Parkland.

One through-line Maddow pointed to was Senator Joe Manchin, who said earlier he does not support the gun control bills passed by the House.

Maddow recalled the Manchin-Toomey 2013 push and said, “He could not get that done. Something that’s so right, it does so much good, he couldn’t get that done. And now he is insisting that he is the one who has to be trusted with this task again, because he will not allow anybody else’s ideas to move forward.”

She said the “Joe Manchin don’t-actually-do-anything-plan is not the only option,” and called the West Virginia Democrat a roadblock trying to do it his way “despite all the ways he’s failed in the past.”

Maddow brought up President Joe Biden’s call for gun control earlier Tuesday as she told viewers, “He is talking to the United States Senate there, and Joe Manchin, the senator from West Virginia, he will not act, even after the humiliation and what he dragged the country through in 2013.”

She continued:

“If he alone changed his mind on this and decided that he really does care about this, that actually probably would be enough to get that one reform over the finish line. If he changed his stance on the bill itself, if he found it in his heart to support background checks, given that, and his stamps on keeping the filibuster rule in place so that majority votes don’t count even for his own legislation, those two issues alone — Joe Manchin holds the fate of this in his hands. And he promised this was an issue that moved him, in tears, as a parent, as a grandparent. He promised that he could get it done. He could get it done, actually, now. If he wanted to.”

Maddow even said, “He personally will stop the whole country from getting any substantive relief from this thing that plagues us still.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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