Meghan McCain Bashes Buttigieg for Saying Republicans Paint Dems as Socialists: ‘That’s Just Ridiculous’

Meghan McCain wasn’t happy with how South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg called out Republicans for labeling Democrats as socialists regardless of the actual policy positions held by the Left.

The View started things off by reviewing the highlights from Buttigieg and the other candidates who participated in Night One of CNN’s Democratic 2020 primary debate. McCain joined with everyone else to marvel over the “highly entertaining” performance from “my dark crystal red witch princess” Marianne Williamson, but then she went after Buttigieg for saying Republicans are “going to say we’re a bunch of crazy socialists” whether the party goes far-left or not.

“That’s just ridiculous,” McCain said. “You know who I don’t think is a socialist? Joe Biden, I don’t think Tulsi Gabbard is a socialist. There are many candidates I don’t think that, so please don’t put in my mouth that I’m going to paint all Democrats as socialist.”

McCain concluded with “I don’t think there is a socialist sitting at this table with me, and I think that is a cheap talking point, and I used to like him.”

While McCain insists that she and other conservatives won’t paint Democrats as socialists with a broad brush, Republican politicians are already fulfilling Buttigieg’s core prediction, and President Donald Trump is going along with it too.

Watch above, via ABC.

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