Morning Joe Rips Trump Attack on Greta Thunberg After ‘Faux Outrage’ Over Barron Trump Joke

Morning Joe accused First Lady Melania Trump of hypocrisy as they covered President Donald Trump’s attack on teenage climate crisis activist Greta Thunberg.

Thunberg won Time Magazine’s 2019 Person of the Year award on Wednesday, beating out Trump and a number of other notable figures and movements who were considered for the honorific. Trump has taken indirect shots at Thunberg repeatedly in the past, but on Thursday, he complained that her win was “so ridiculous” and said she “must work on her Anger Management problem.”

Since the president is lashing out at a teenage activist with Asperger’s, Morning Joe noted that this conduct from the president comes days after the Republican Party exploded in anger when Stanford Law School professor Pamela Karlan made an off-hand pun about Trump’s son, Barron, before the House Judiciary Committee. Mika Brzezinski dismissed the “very faux outrage” about the wordplay as she brought up Mrs. Trump’s angry tweet to Karlan at the time.

“Who in the world would attack a child?” Scarborough sarcastically responded to the first lady. “Nobody would attack a child, because if so, Melania then would really have to bring out her BeBest artillery.”

“This is not being best,” Brzezinski agreed. Scarborough eventually turned to Jonathan Lemire to say “The professor didn’t attack their child at all. It was a pun. But here Donald Trump is actually attacking a child. Will Melania come out and criticize him today?”

“Seems unlikely,” Lemire answered.

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