MSNBC’s Joy Reid Awed by Kamala Harris: She ‘Destabilized’ Biden

Joy Reid applauded Kamala Harris for her gutsy performance and forceful presence throughout Thursday evening’s Democratic debate.

Speaking with her colleagues for post-debate reaction on MSNBC, Reid stated that the crowded 2020 field will eventually narrow, and the contenders need to demonstrate their capacity to go up against President Donald Trump.

“I think the one person who gave us that very clear picture of what it would look like…was Kamala Harris,” Reid said. “She had a strategy, she had the courage to actually attack Joe Biden and she was one of the few who went after him head on. She destabilized him on the race question.”

Reid was referencing the point in the debate in which Harris grappled with Biden and challenged his record with civil rights and race issues. The MSNBC host was also impressed that Harris was able to handle herself so well with her “bank shot” on Barack Obama‘s deportation policy.

“[That] is like heresy in the Democratic Party,” Reid remarked in awe. “She did a bank shot off of Barack Obama to hit Joe Biden on immigration. That was brave and it went very well for her.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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