MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Fmr GOP Rep Jack Kingston Clash Over Ukraine, Impeachment: Republicans Allowing Trump ‘To Be a King’?


MSNBC’s Joy Reid and former Republican Congressman Jack Kingston got into a heated 20-minute back-and-forth this morning over Russia, Ukraine, and the current state of the Republican party.

Reid and Kingston clashed as the host asked about the GOP’s “weird affinity” with Russia and over Ukraine — especially when she asked “Are you trying to say that you think Ukraine was involved in hacking the DNC server?” and Kingston responded, “I think it’s possible.”

On impeachment, Reid asked Kingston about Republicans ceding a lot of power to the president and coming to his defense on not cooperating with the process.

“There’s a lot of monarchism I can see going on in which they seem to agree with William Barr that Donald Trump is superior to them in power, because you have Republicans arguing that he shouldn’t have to appear… shouldn’t have to listen to their own subpoenas from Congress,” Reid said. “Are Republicans moving towards allowing the president of the United States, as long as he’s a Republican, to be a king?”

Kingston agreed on the principle that much of the tine “jersey color is more important than the philosophy,” but said there hasn’t been the kind of bipartisanship previous impeachment processes had.

Reid responded, “You can’t get bipartisanship if Republicans have decided there’s nothing he could do that they would impeach him for.”

They tussled over the revelations from impeachment witnesses, particularly Gordon Sondland and his testimony that POTUS told him “I want nothing” and that there was no quid pro quo.

Reid shot back bringing up reporting that before then, the president found out about the whistleblower complaint.

Kingston said there’s still no “blue dress” and that Democrats brought in “smug” law professors whose testimonies won’t resonate with voters. He added he expects that after impeachment, when this goes to the Senate, the Republicans will want to talk to Adam Schiff, the whistleblower, and Hunter Biden.

“The goal of the Republican party in the Senate is to put Hunter Biden on trial and try to out the whistleblower again?” Reid asked, saying they’re clearly trying to “destroy” the whistleblower.

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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