NatSec Advisor O’Brien: We’re Concerned About Russian Interference in 2020, Dems Engaged in ‘Partisan Fantasy’


National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien was on ABC’s This Week today to discuss Iran, but George Stephanopoulos also asked him about concerns of Russia interfering in the 2020 election.

“Has the president told Vladimir Putin to cut out this election interference in 2016, and will he continue to do that even if it appears the Russians are trying to hurt Joe Biden?” he asked. Stephanopoulos also brought up comments made by Speaker Nancy Pelosi earlier in the program that POTUS is “trying to blame it on Ukraine and this silliness that has been debunked again and again.”

O’Brien said Trump has “absolutely told Putin to make sure that that doesn’t happen,” ripping the “partisan fantasy” of collusion between the president and Russia.

He said the Trump administration is concerned about Russian interference and added, “To suggest otherwise is unfair and frankly a bit dangerous.”

Stephanopoulos asked, “If the president is repeating conspiracy theories that are consistent with Russian propaganda, isn’t that helping the Russian effort?”

“I don’t see that,” O’Brien responded. “We’ve been very clear on our position with respect to the Russians and that’s to stay out of our elections. We’ve been very clear with the Chinese and we’ve been very clear with the Iranians. And, look, I think all of our leaders in both parties should have that same approach. But trying to use these things for some partisan — sort of partisan advantage is really disappointing.”

You can watch above, via ABC.

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