comScore NFL Player on Laura Ingraham’s LeBron Criticism: ‘I Do Think That There Are Racial Undertones’

NFL Player on Laura Ingraham’s LeBron Criticism: ‘I Do Think That There Are Racial Undertones’

Last week, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham unleashed on Cleveland Cavs star LeBron James for criticizing President Donald Trump. Targeting a recent video piece James did for UNINTERRUPTED, Ingraham called James’ political commentary “barely intelligible,” seemingly questioned his intelligence and ended by telling the NBA player to “shut up and dribble.”

Since then, a number of athletes have ripped Ingraham for her comments while James himself has completely dismissed her by declaring he doesn’t even know what her name is. Noting that Ingraham denies that her remarks had any racist intent behind them, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin asked Baltimore Ravens player Benjamin Watson this afternoon if he felt race was involved and why Fox News pundits feel some celebrities should be able to commentate on politics but not James.

“Well, I don’t know quite why they aren’t allowed other than the fact they have an opposing view,” Watson said. “What we’ve seen so much right now, especially in the climate we’re in, is if you have an opposing view from someone, whether they be a TV personality or somebody that you’re working with, you want to shut them down.”

He continued, “When it comes to race, I do think that there are racial undertones. Now, I watch Laura Ingraham, I watched her response, I watched how she tried to show the different people she said shut up and whatever to. There were only one or two. But when you say those sorts of things, especially because of our history as a country, we can’t say those things in a vacuum.”

Watson also reacted to NBA star Dwyane Wade stating President Donald Trump has provided some people with the courage to live their truths and no longer try to hide their racist views. He noted that Trump has used quite a bit of polarizing language and it’s worse when it’s “coming from the top,” but that the president has the “ability to really bridge the gap and bring us together.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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