Rachel Maddow Floats Connection Between Mike Rogers Stonewall and Trump Transition Team

On Wednesday night, Rachel Maddow speculated as to why NSA Director Mike Rogers was  “stonewalling” during his hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee. And while she didn’t explicitly identify what she thought, she took a stroll down memory lane to the transition period before President Trump took office to explain her reasoning.

Maddow began her conspiratorial suggestion by first noting how highly publicized Trump’s transition was, specifically when it came to who was coming in and out of the golden elevators. But she noted that nine days after the election, a serving Obama administration official made a surprise visit to Trump Tower. It was Admiral Mike Rogers.

She pointed to an NBC News report that showed Rogers “took a personal day”  to visit the president-elect and to an NPR report that Rogers never told the sitting president (aka President Obama) that he was going to meet with Trump. Maddow then seemed to agree with The Wall Street Journal‘s report that Rogers was seeking a promotion to become the Director of National Intelligence (a job that ultimately went to Dan Coats).

Maddow was relishing a WaPo report that came out days later that then-DNI James Clapper and then-Secretary of Defense Ash Carter urged then-President Obama to fire Rogers from the NSA.

Before moving on to Rogers’s testimony,  Maddow concluded by saying that this was a “very strange story.”

Watch the segment above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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