Rep. John Boehner Sworn In As New Speaker Of The House

Today Congressman John Boehner was formally elected the new Speaker of the House of Representatives. Outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi passed a very large gavel off to Boehner, and now the House is officially under new leadership. Pelosi, in an unusually long speech, thanked her colleagues for the opportunity to serve, congratulated Boehner and wished him success. Those expecting tears from the typically emotional Boehner were satisfied as Boehner’s tears began to flow before he even got to the podium to speak.

Once there, he delivered a heartfelt and humbling speech stating “the people voted to end business as usual and today we begin to carry out their instructions.” Boehner also stressed that “this is the people’s House” and vowed to “give this government back to the American people.” Requiring at least three days for reading time before a proposed bill could be passed and promising to cut Congress’ own budget, Boehner discussed some of his ideas for the new Congress. Surprisingly though, no tears from Boehner during the speech or when he accepted the oath of office.

Watch the video below of Boehner’s swearing-in via C-SPAN:

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