‘Shame on the Second Amendment!’ Geraldo Throws Down with Kilmeade Over School Shooting


Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera had some harsh words for the Second Amendment the day after a school shooting left six dead in Nashville.

On Monday, a 28-year-old gunned down three nine-year-olds and three adults before being killed by police at a private Christian school in Tennessee.

“Here we are again,” said Martha MacCallum on Tuesday’s installment of The Story on Fox News.

“Here we are again,” echoed Brian Kilmeade. “And within minutes, we’re hearing about, ‘The guns are the problem, assault weapons. Go to your corner and let’s play politics before we even knew the facts.'”

Kilmeade noted the shooter had seven guns and claimed the family bears responsibility.

“For you to have seven guns and be that obviously unhinged and unbalanced and have these murderous capabilities and you’re gonna allow these people out and about, I really don’t think we should be debating gun laws,” Kilmeade said.

“I disagree,” Rivera responded, noting that the shooter amassed the guns legally. “If the Second Amendment shines on this person accumulating that arsenal, then shame on the Second Amendment!”

Kilmeade asked Rivera if guns should be taken away from responsible gun owners.

“There’s been 130 mass shootings this year, Brian,” Rivera replied.

“The parents have to do something about it,” Kilmeade said. “We can’t stop these people. I can’t get into millions of houses.”

“We need to raise serious questions about whether this person should be able to purchase these guns,” MacCallum stated, citing reports about the shooter’s mental health.

“You can’t ask legal gun owners to stop it,” Kilmeade replied. “In the background check, if that doesn’t come up, if you can go to a therapist and the therapist doesn’t mark you down as somebody that should not own guns–”

“So, who needs to be responsible, then?” MacCallum interrupted. “The therapist should lose their license if they allow signing that kind of permit–”

“How about the gun store salesperson,” Rivera interjected. “If you’re going to the shop and you’re buying an AR-15 and then the next day another AR-15, then the sawn-off shotgun, then the pistols. At some point, there is a responsibility. These are not cartons of milk you’re selling. These are weapons of destruction.”

He added, “We have to wake up as a nation.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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