South Park Depicts Trump Admitting His Campaign Brought Out the Worst in Humanity

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-8-43-18-amSouth Park premiered the finale of their 20th season last night, and it showed their representation of Donald Trump conceding something about what he harnessed from his political movement.

As the show satirized Trump’s rise to the presidency this season, it also gave a great deal of focus to how online trolling impacts society. These storylines came together last night, as the cartoon world grew increasingly unstable over the imminent release of “TrollTrace”: a Danish Internet program that will expose trolls along with the online histories of everyone on Earth.

Over the last few episodes, Trump substitute Mr. Garrison has been trying to decide on how to contain the fallout from the catastrophic social breakdown that will ensue. He eventually contacts Kyle Broflovski, who is attempting to overload TrollTrace by following his father’s example in the use of Trevor’s Axiom.

As Garrison’s adviser explains, Trevor’s Axiom is an equation showing how trolls and online reactors create an outrage energy ripple effect that spreads across the Internet. After hearing that the chain reaction ends up bringing out the worst in people, Garrison muses “that sorta sounds like how I got elected.”

It is possible that the joke is in reference to the fact that Trump’s campaign was seen by many as a rebellion against politically correct behavior and the usual rules and decorum of politics.

Watch above, via Comedy Central.

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