Stephanopoulos Grills Priebus: You’re Ready for Trump as Nominee Despite Liberal Beliefs?

priebusRNC Chair Reince Priebus appeared on ABC’s This Week this morning to reflect on the South Carolina primary, and George Stephanopoulos asked him right off the bat if Donald Trump‘s victory is “an indictment of the party elite.”

Priebus dismissively said people are just generally tired of politics in general and the RNC will support whoever the nominee is.

Stephanopoulos brought up how Trump has trashed George W. Bush for creating a disaster in Iraq, has supported Democrats in the past, and has taken positions at odds with the rest of the GOP. He asked, “Are you really prepared to have him as spokesman of the Republican party?”

Priebus avoided addressing Trump directly, specifically saying “it’s our job to support that nominee and we will.”

Stephanopoulos brought up the worry that Trump would “break the party apart.” Priebus said, “Winning is the antidote to a lot of things.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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