Stephen Colbert Makes Mockery Of GOP’s ‘Broaden The Tax Base’ Rhetoric

An oft heard refrain around GOP election headquarters around the nation these days is “broaden the tax base,” as a rejoinder to President Obama‘s repeated desire for the super-wealthy to “pay their fair share” with a higher tax rate. Stephen Colbert illustrated this particular narrative through a series of news clips before focusing on the idea that nearly 50% of all Americans don’t pay any taxes (turns out they make less than $20,000 a year.) If it seems like a preposterous idea, its just preposterous for Colbert to mine for comedy gold.

The fake news personality takes the GOP tax base logic to its natural conclusion of taxing those who make no money before arriving at his stated desire to dig up graves for precious valuables to help pay our country’s debt. In fact, the seeming oversimplification of such a complicated concept of optimizing tax revenues by increasing taxes on America’s poorest citizens is just enough of an absurd idea for Colbert to amplify to his unique form of laudatory-cum-mocking comedy.

Watch the following funny segment below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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