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The View Buries Mayor Pete’s ‘Piss Poor’ Handling of Town Hall Protests: ‘Green Around the Edges’

South Bend Mayor, and presidential hopeful, Pete Buttigieg held a town hall event Sunday evening in the college town over which he presides, and was met with protestors upset by the past firing of the city’s first African-American police chief, among other racial issues.

The View co-hosts took note of the passion on display and had harsh words for how Buttigieg handled his constituents upset with Mayor Pete’s performance.

Joy Behar kicked it off by saying Buttigieg should “fix what’s going on in South Bend” before trying to win the White House.

“Do your job first there, and then run for president,” Behar said.

Sonny Hostin, who went to college in South Bend, noted that Buttigieg “has a problem with the African-American community in South Bend which is 30% of the community. That’s significant.”

After a commercial break, Whoopi Goldberg chimed in, saying Buttigieg’s response to protesters revealed that he was “more than a little green around the edges.” And in case there was any confusion on how the women of The View felt, Meghan McCain ultimately called Mayor Pete’s performance “piss poor.”

So there it is … the elusive political segment on an often-intense dayside show, in which all panelists agreed. The harmonic convergence is upon us.

Watch above via ABC.


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