Trump on John McCain’s Military Service in 1999: ‘I’m Not Sure’ You’re a War Hero by Getting Captured


It was just over three years ago when President Donald Trump‘s feud with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) erupted. But it turns out, the signs of the president’s feelings about the Arizona Senator had been made clear years earlier.

You probably recall Trump sparking major outrage in 2015 when he suggested that McCain was not really a war hero because he was captured. Trump, for his part, got five deferments during the Vietnam War, while McCain had to endure five years of physically-debilitating torture while imprisoned in Hanoi.

Ever since that day, the animosity between Trump and McCain has been a recurring element of numerous political developments. McCain killed the GOP’s chances of ending the Affordable Care Act several months ago, so Trump attacked him for that on numerous occasions while an ex-White House staffer mocked the senator for suffering brain cancer.

But Trump has been swinging at McCain for a long time.

Trump gave an interview to CBS’ Dan Rather in 1999 (which was unearthed late Monday by Politico’s Jake Sherman), in which he talked about his real estate empire and the beginnings of his political ambitions. It was during this chat when Trump made a familiar-sounding comment about McCain’s time in captivity.

“He was captured,” Trump said. “Does being captured make you a hero? I don’t know. I’m not sure.”

Watch above, via YouTube and CBS. (The relevant portion starts at the 6:00 mark.)

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